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OrangeCal is team management software to help you plan, coordinate and run successful events.
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Teams who use OrangeCal

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Teams who use OrangeCal

  • volunteers
  • non-profits
  • churches
  • small businesses

Plan Your Events

Plan Your Events

  • Teams & Roles

    Set up your teams and the roles that each member brings to the table so that you can be sure that the right people get to the right events.

  • Calendars

    Build out a full calendar for your team and they can access it anywhere – on a computer, tablet, or phone with our iOS and Android apps.

  • Schedule Events

    Make it easy for your team to know where to go and what to bring by adding location info, details about what to bring, and inviting specific people to attend.

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Mobilize Your Team

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Mobilize Your Team

  • Event Reminders

    For every event that a user is attending, they will get a email the night before, as well as a push notification before the event starts.

  • Low Attendance Warnings

    See which one of your events is in danger of not having enough people turn up. Encourage your team to fill the gaps.

  • Real-Time Notifications

    If something changes on the day of the event, your team will instantly know and be able to help.

Learn Through Insights

Learn Through Insights

  • Sign in Sheet

    Keep track of who shows up to each event or let your team check-in on their own.

  • Reporting

    See reports for how your team is performing.

  • Top Performers

    Learn who are the most dependable people on your team.

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“We've been using OrangeCal for years to manage volunteers and it keeps getting better!”

Sara Rosell

Operations/Outreach Coordinator

United States Adaptive Recreation Center

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